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Complete Solutions

The unique value of the Center for its customers is the combination of the following topics below

IC Design & Manufacturing

The Center structured a Complete Fabless Semiconductor Operation in Asia and other regions of the world, from design to the end product with special solutions in ultra-low power and mixed-signal segments. The Center has its own library of IC blocks, design & fabless capability to give its customers concrete means to strategically have their own products and complete domain over key-components.

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Software Development

The Von Braun Labs staff uses several operating systems to develop software solutions from all levels of abstraction.

We develop using higher level technologies, such as C#, Java, C/C++, and PHP that can be connected to a wide range of databases (e.g. Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL). Our experience with software goes beyond the higher level of abastraction and also covers micro-controller programming and firmware development with components that interact with real world devices using both wired and wireless communications.

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Back-Office & Integration

Moreover, Von Braun Labs has a complete set of solutions in the assembly of an automated Big Data and IT Operations Management Systems to address the required interfaces with Billing Systems, Third-level Verification as well as Central Server System to integrate and manage multiple parallel Service Operations. Based on proprietary or open-standards, Von Braun Labs solutions integrates and adapts to the customer needs while keeping the eye in saving system resources already in operation.

How We Do

The Center approach to projects is to forge it by projects built on solid established phases, which prove, step by step, the feasibility of a new idea – a concept known as ‘Lean Innovation’ in Von Braun Labs’s own way. When necessary, by customer’s request, the Center has special mechanisms to help funding projects under tax-exemption supported by the Government – either directly or from other related sources.

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