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  • We Provide Complete Solutions

    We Provide Complete Solutions

  • Semiconductor Design & Development

    Semiconductor Design & Development

  • Electronic Product Design & Development

    Electronic Product Design & Development

  • IT Systems

    IT Systems

  • Research & Scientific Exploration

    Research & Scientific Exploration

Companies are seeking to optimize the internal-external processes and to stand out in the market, and innovation is extremely necessary for that to occur. It is with this mindset that the Centro de Pesquisas Avançadas Wernher von Braun, also known as Von Braun Labs develops innovative solutions to businesses and government agencies.

Semiconductor Design & Development

Microprocessor on girls fingertip

In practice, providing companies with its own semiconductor division leads to differentiated products strategically in their market segments.

Structuring Semiconductor Manufacturing Operations


Developing highly technological solutions that makes people’s lives easier is not enough. The solution needs to be robust and be available in the market quickly and without losing quality.

Software & Firmware Development Services


The Von Braun Labs development team uses various platforms to develop solutions of various levels of complexity.

Big Structuring Services Date / BI


The more we use appliances and gadgets with smart concept, the greater the need for intelligent algorithms that deal with this huge amount of data.

Design & Development of Electronic Products

Chip green in hands

Our facilities offer the best resources for the development and prototyping of electronic devices.

Structuring Electronic Manufacturing Operations

Lots of Printed Circuit Boards With Mounted and Soldered Componentry

After the stages of prototyping and solution enhancements, scalability is one of the determining factors for the profitability of the product.

Investment Opportunities

Accelerate business growth

As a research center, we have developed not only short-term solutions, but provide research innovation with a bigger project roadmap.

Structuring Business and Operations


Over the years and maturation of our solutions, the accumulation of knowledge on the market is evident. We offer this market expertise applied to results in your company.

Services and Operations Support

A happy worker technician at work with computer.

Our diverse team of engineers and scientists also support as the best strategies to improve their solutions in the field.

Professional Training


Developing complete solutions is not enough. Correct handling of the user part by technology is vital for the operation of the solution.

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