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About Us

Who We Are

Centro de Pesquisas Avançadas Wernher von Braun, also known as “Von Braun Labs” or “VBL”, is a nonprofit organization. We offer R&D and innovative solutions to corporations and to government agencies. VBL is able to bring forth new products, services and business opportunities to its clients because of its technical know-how and good relationship with industry partners.

Our Clients

Most clients of Von Braun Labs request us to replace outdated systems for modern systems with lower operational costs. Furthermore, they search for new business opportunities through our innovative and high tech solutions. The VBL cares about delivering not only an engineering solution. The VBL delivers the whole interface and management of services and big data generated by the solutions. This is the differential key point of the VBL solutions in contrast with the outdated market solutions, which adds more value to the client.

1 – Engineering Services

Our services include:

  • Digital and Analog Electronic Circuit Design
  • Embedded Systems and Mobile Application Design
  • Middleware and System Integration
  • Big Data Solutions and Back Office Software
  • Semiconductor Design (Integrated Circuit Design)
  • IP (Intellectual Property) Development of analog and digital blocks for Ultra-Low-Power

2 – Fabless Operation Services

The VBL’s services go far beyond the engineering projects. We offer advice through a simplified approach to the generation of projects focused on reducing direct costs. These services include:

  • Consulting in strategic planning through business modeling and operational simulation.
  • Consulting in the development of large-scale production in Asia and other continents, as needed.
  • Consulting in development of integrated products and systems.


3 – IT Development

VBL team has extensive experience in the development of complex and vertical operations, including hands-on experience in business related to IoT segment. In the present world, the companies working with IT services need disruptive solutions and economical platforms. VBL has the know-how to substitute various components and operations within these systems. On the other hand, companies that provides services that manages data, but do not focus it as its “core business”, can also rely on the VBL as a source of technological solutions for field equipment, IT systems and Back Office support.

In addition to the services described above, VBL also provides that the following solutions segment:

  • Complete IT structure to support payment operations and BackOffice management
  • Big Data and Business Intelligence Tools to automate multiple concurrent operations
  • Networking with key equipment suppliers to drastically reduce implementation costs
  • Experienced Service Management to support BackOffice and Field operations.
  • Development of software and hardware tools to differentiate the business.

Making a Difference

Many companies conduct the procurement of components and systems in a single package, aimed at reducing the internal work. But these companies unfortunately end up paying too dearly for the convenience and absorbing duplicate profit margins: the manufacturers and solution integrator.
The projects of Von Braun Labs differ in this respect, because the client has direct access to our trading partners. They are 100% manufacturers and suppliers able to meet the demands of equipment for projects of Von Braun Labs. With this, the project cost drops considerably and the customer gets a high quality system made by VBL team.

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