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AETC is now simple, highly secure and very low-cost: the VONBRAUNLABS way

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VONBRAUNLABS (VBL) is an R&D institution. It provides services to government agencies and private corporations in semiconductor and hardware design, big-data, middleware systems, application, low-level software and applied physics.

Upon request of its customers, VBL is also responsible to conduct all necessary activities to product industrialization and market insertion of its developed solutions in the segments of consumer, automotive, automation, defense and medical among other areas.

In the ITS/AETC segment VBL provides solutions from semiconductors to systems and back-office operations, including pilot-implementations and operations – like in the case of Brazil, where the institution manages all official Back-Office operations for both AVI and Logistics, more than 50 companies are involved in providing complementary solutions and services.

The new RFID-based tolling and fiscal systems in Brazil were designed and coordinated by VBL’s team until full-operational status in support of multiple public and private entities. In the context of its Consultancy services, VBL provides access to strategic industrial partners in Asia to reduce the cost of implementation down to its minimum.




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