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Electronic Product Design & Development

Strategic Development

Product Development with modeling of complex machinery, technical design of mechanical parts, and everything that meets the customer needs:

  • Solution strategies focused on the needs and the client’s business;
  • Product development focused on the improvement, efficiency and quality of processes:
    • Complete hardware solutions, electronic and PCB design, microcontroller programming;
    • Complete solutions products, modeling of complex machines, technical design of mechanical parts;
    • Training for field operation and use of products, support during the initial phase of operation for corrections and failure prevention.
  • Mathematical modeling for simulations of models in hypothetical situations;
  • Solutions for industrial automation.

Focused on Results

Examples of electronic products already developed:

  • Equipment for the automatic configuration of RFID tags
  • Robot for the inspection of RFID tags in the field
  • Equipment for the Collection and Signal Processing of Automatic Electronic Tolling Systems
  • Automated Tester Platform for notebook
  • Portable gas detector

Market Solutions

Von Braun Labs was an important coordinator in the project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, called Brazil-ID. The program aims to establish a standard for the identification, authentication and tracking of products marketed in the country. Through this initiative, VBL has developed several technologies, such as the device embedded in the printed circuit board (picture) whose development has much availed from our infrastructure in microelectronics and from our advanced electronics laboratories. The Brazil-ID project is expanding more and more and it already has a high number of affiliated companies around the country.

Advanced Laboratory

Our facilities offer the best resources for the development and prototyping of electronic devices. Voltage sources, spectrum analyzers and signal, oscilloscopes, LPKF prototyping plotters, and other items are available to develop a complete solution for our customers. Extensive testing of temperature variations, pressure and humidity are carried out to ensure that our products work even in the most harsh environments.

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