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Semiconductor Design & Development

Fabless Semiconductor Concept

In practice, providing companies with its own semiconductor division leads to differentiated products strategically in their market segments. Our guests have full access to a complete team and structure for the production and projection of innovative microprocessor of the highest levels of quality by leading foundries in the world, of which the Von Braun has partnership.

Resources for Design and Manufacturing of new microchips:

  • The Von Braun Labs microelectronics group (design house) has an excellent computing infrastructure and consists of performance data and storage servers connected to desktop environments through a high-performance network;
  • Laboratories Prototyping with testing equipment and validation of the development of the integrated circuit, micro testing, temperature control and tool for prototyping of PCBs;
  • The design house has ample access to the Cadence industry tools, and software and scientific additional tools and engineering;
  • Access to the processes of foundries (factories), packaging companies and other integrated circuits facilities.

Intellectual Property Development

Intellectual Property (English Intellectual Properties or simply IP) are one of the most important assets that a company can generate. Patents, scientific articles and automated solutions are good examples of how a company can innovate and set the standards in their market. Always generate new technologies and innovations makes investors and stakeholders in general feel safer to finance new projects and maintain the belief in the mission and the company’s strategy.

Von Braun Labs can assist in this process that adds value to your system and provide solutions for development of IPs. We have the expertise to develop from IPs with small snippets even critical blocks completely from the system.

VIP Verification Services

If the delivery time to market and reliability is a top priority of its digital and analog blocks projects for ASIC and FPGA, this is the indicated service.

Ultra Low Power and Mixed Signal Solutions

Energy efficiency is a global concern. Doing more with less is an essential part in reducing costs and manufacturing competitive products today. Our team excels in developing solutions that really save energy. In addition to providing highly efficient systems, we also develop mixed-signal solutions, such as energy consumption management, voltage regulators and reference sources that add stability and accuracy during critical transactions in the system.

Evaluation & Testing

Some of our core values is to provide reliable and mature services. For this to occur, several concepts remain in our minds for the development of solutions such as Design-For-Testability (DFT), Automatic Test Pattern Generation (ATPG), Built-in Self Test (BIST). These are some of the strategies we use to the designs of our circuits get the best performance category. In addition, an extensive visual inspection through the microscope, tips tests and field evaluations are made to make sure that everything is working as expected in real use cases.

Structuring Cases of Microelectronics Operation

  • RFID Reader 915MHz
  • RFID Automatic Configuration Equipment for RFID Tags
  • RFID Automatic Tolling Collection and Processing Equipment
  • Automated Notebook Tester

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