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Structuring an Electronic Manufacturers’s Operation

From Project Planning to High Volume Production

Development complete product solutions with modeling complex machines, technical drawings of parts and mechanical parts, including the development of suppliers from the components to the assembly of the final product:

  • In-depth study of the customer’s need to develop targeted solutions aimed at solving problems, increased quality and process optimization;
  • Identify suppliers (national and international) for hardware and software required to enable the customer solution;

Logistics Development

  • Evaluate suppliers (national and international) for hardware and software;
  • Action next to the customer to obtain the most cost – effective with each of the suppliers;
  • Make contact with suppliers to purchase, maintenance and support processes / products purchased for the customer;
  • Provide staff to work together to developed suppliers for innovative solutions, to prepare them and follow them;
  • Customer own team training for the management of suppliers if this is the customer’s strategy to identify, qualify and act with the CMs (contract manufacturer) for product development, as demand required volume, quality and degree of complexity applied;

Technology Scaling

After the stages of prototyping and solution enhancements, scalability is one of the determining factors for the profitability of the product. The Von Braun Labs has the know-how to transform the concept of proven and scalable systems that can meet both the pilot projects and production in wide ranges. Our development practices aligned with major partnerships in manufacturing our components make our solutions are highly scalable.

Structuring Cases of Microelectronics Operation

  • RFID Reader 915MHz
  • RFID Automatic Configuration Equipment for RFID Tags
  • RFID Automatic Tolling Collection and Processing Equipment
  • Automated Notebook Tester

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