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Structuring Semiconductor Manufacturing Operations

Large-scale production with Speed and Quality

Developing highly technological solutions that facilitate the daily lives of people is not enough. The solution needs to be robust and be available in the market quickly and without losing quality. The Von Braun Labs has the know-how to transform the concept of proven and scalable systems that can meet both the pilot projects and production in wide ranges. Our development practices aligned with major partnerships in manufacturing our components around the world make our solutions are highly scalable and reliable.

Evaluation & Testing

Some of our core values is to provide reliable and mature services. For this to occur, several concepts remain in our minds for the development of solutions such as Design-For-Testability (DFT), Automatic Test Pattern Generation (ATPG), Built-in Self Test (BIST). These are some of the strategies we use to the designs of our circuits get the best performance category. In addition, an extensive visual inspection through the microscope, tips tests and field evaluations are made to make sure that everything is working as expected in real use cases.

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