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One Stop Secure RFID Alliance

April 19, 2015 | By | No Comments

“Our alliance provides complete RFID solution, enabling Customer Fabless Operation.”

Solutions no longer need to be acquired from Systems Integrators and Product Companies – the cost of infrastructure can be significantly reduced as companies now have the option of direct access to product design, semiconductor foundries, contract-manufacturers, interoperability test and integration services. In addition, software, hardware and IT fulfill service-based operation, in an organized ecosystem of institutions that support it.

Von Braun Labs, SilTerra Malaysia, CISC Semiconductors and Xminnov, experts on their respective areas, created an alliance that enables the Customer to become a Fabless company with full control of the supply chain of the products and related IT systems. The most advanced secure RFID solutions can be tailored to the Customer needs – from semiconductors to IoT cloud systems.


Who We Are

Von Braun
Von Braun Labs is a non-profit private organization. It provides R&D and Innovation services to Companies and Government institutions, in the areas of Electronic Systems, Hardware,
Embedded Software, Applications, Semiconductor Design and Back-Office Integration. VBL combines expertise, services and organizes industrial processes and system integration to make ideas come true as new products and/or services to its customers. As the prime contact in the One-Stop Secure RFID Alliance, besides creating a custom IC-Design, VBL develops all systems’ integration and processes involved (customer’s and of the Alliance), creating an operation to the customer as new business segment.
Silterra is a project of strategic national interest to promote front-end semiconductor manufacturing and a catalyst for high technology investments in Malaysia. Since its inception, Silterra has served many top-tier global fabless design and product companies covering the consumer electronics, communications & computing, and mobile device market segments. Silterra offers CMOS design and a broad range of fabrication processes for Integrated Chips (IC) in Advanced Logic, Mixed Signal & Radio Frequency and High Voltage applications.
Xiamen Innov Information Science & Technology Co. Ltd, located in Xiamen, China is a leader in the research, manufacturing and technology applications. Their products range from Flexible Circuit Boards, IC Package Substrate, RFID tags/labels and readers, anti-metal RFID label stickers and patented adhesives for anti-tamper labels. We take pride in working closely with our customers, developing real world applications.
CISC Semiconductor GmbH is an international oriented and highly awarded company that provides competitive and innovative products and technology for design and verication of heterogeneous networked embedded microelectronic systems. We deliver worldwide both products and engineering services to our customers being represented in the Semiconductor, Automotive,Wireless Communication and RFID industry.

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