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Processor Killing Machines


A new project era, turning common devices into smart ones, connecting the world even more and bringing the IoT to a whole new level.



Embedded electronics are present in every place, from appliances and automobiles in general in the context of smart cities, mobility and IoT. in general However, in most cases, electronic solutions are composed of oversized semiconductor devices that doesn’t fit to the solution.

Moreover, these semiconductor devices do not have wireless communication interfaces for local or Internet connections.

To the reality, Von Braun Labs is replacing these old platforms, composed by oversized semiconductor devices not oriented to wireless connections, by a complete and innovative system, enabling a significant reduction in the absolute cost of electronic boards and the development of evolutionary high-level interfaces.

Collaborative Technologies

Collaborative technology is a key factor in
the Von Braun Labs methodology

Strengths of the New Platform

  • Ultra low-power (ULP), State Machine based, controller, recommended for applications requiring improvements in battery life
  • Custom memory size, with optional high-security (AES, 3DES, SHA, etc) access channels to guarantee data authenticity and security storage, without efficiency and speed loss
  • High-speed processing time by its custom straight forward paths, including security algorithms execution
  • Combines standard (UART, I2C, SPI, USB, etc) and wireless (RFID, NFC, WIFI, etc) interfaces creating the bridge from peripheral electronic boards to smart devices, simplifying human-machine interaction
  • Simple and easy configurable interaction to economic external sensors and controls
    Sensible reduction in electronics embedded control costs in products at various application areas
  • Apps and upgrades available in stores (Android, AppStore, WindowsStore, etc)


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