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São Paulo’s All Electronic Tolling System

The newest multi-lane-free-flow (MLFF) system that was engineered by Von Braun Labs that runs in São Paulo – the most influential state of Brazil

The Government and the Private Sector are working in synergy with the support of Von Braun Labs

São Paulo State in Brazil has a new All Electronic Tolling Collection (AETC) system based on secure RFID since 2012. Von Braun Labs conceived and coordinated all the aspects of implementation for the São Paulo Transportation Agency (ARTESP) in 19 Highway Concessions.

The system allows multiple Service Operators working independently and securely with their own installed base of customers. The Toll Plazas have the same infrastructure (the RFID reading system) to serve all the certified operators, locally integrating all other aspects of vehicle identification and classification.

The tags are commercially available 915MHz technology with advanced security mechanism not only to protect the data stored in the tag, but also to validate and secure the communication done over the air between the tag and the reader. Reading systems are based on commercially available readers enhanced by secure custom commands, a local processor which communicates with a central BackOffice / IT system managed by the Government, to be continually certified and updated by it with the secure keys that are generated and kept only by this BackOffice, plus a Security Application Module to protect the keys locally in the reading system.

The system has an automated messaging mechanism which automatically and securely manages the exchange of data among the complex reading infrastructure across multiple Concessionaires and Service Operators. By distributing information per each user, the entire system boots up in less than 4 minutes, hence providing a way to correctly charge and secure the services personalized to all individual end-users.

Multi-Lane Free Flow System Developed by Von Braun Labs


In less than 15 months the number of Service Operators offering automation to end-users jumped from 1 to 4 and the number of hardware contractors from 2 to more than 10; the cost of a Free-Flow AETC Portal went down by a factor of 10; the end-price of a tag by a factor of 2 in average. This system is now under expansion to all states in Brazil under an official program regulated and developed by the Brazilian National Agency for Terrestrial Transportation (ANTT).

Another national program based on electronic identification aimed for products / cargo and fiscal, sanitary, etc., inspection (also conceived and supported in all aspects by Von Braun Labs) called Brasil-ID utilize the same technical framework to the identification, tracking and authentication of goods under a very similar system’s architecture, allowing a complete integration with the fast-growing infrastructure provided by the ARTESP and ANTT AETC programs.


One of the brazillian tolls with Von Braun Labs technology embedded


The Center provided support to all infrastructure and engineering Companies coordinating the integration and operation at all levels – from the hardware in the tags and readers to the IT systems at Companies and Government, including the installations on the field, managing to adapt each single player and their previously adopted systems into one interoperable, fine-tuned system which at this moment operates with more than 10 million AETC transactions each month (a number which is growing exponentially at this moment).